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K2 TECT electronic sorting solution for food and fruits.

Upgrade from mechanical grading to intelligent grading.

Help equipment manufacturers build intelligent sorting machines.

Use machine vision technology to analyze 360 ° all-round fruit images taken by high-speed industrial cameras,

The fruits are graded according to user requirements so that each grade of fruit has the same appearance and quality.

This solution is based on artificial intelligence and advanced image processing technology to detect the color, shape, size, and degree of defects on the surface of fruits to achieve accurate grading under high-speed dynamic conditions.

Core Technology
Self-learning  Features

With deep learning technology, it can analyze the external (colour, skin defects, etc.) no need to manual setting.


High Sorting Accuracy.

Fresh fruit and vegetables defects are detected by intelligent system, the error rate is up to 1mm.

Big Data

All the statistic shows in real time, and all the data can be exported.

Internal Quality Check

internal quality such as hardness measurement, brix degrees, ripeness, damage of the pulp features 

Functional Features
Unique  Optical Design

Help sorting equipment vendors upgrade from mechanical grading to intelligent grading.

High Capacity

The system conveyed with high capacity and respecting each object characteristics.

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