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K2 Tech 2018 Summary and Recognition Conference and 2019 New Year's Conference
On January 12, 2019, the Summary and Recognition Conference of 2018 and the New Year's Conference of 2019 were held in Yuenanshan Hot Spring Resort Hotel Liyang, Jiangsu Province, and successfully concluded.

During the annual meeting, K2 Tech also carefully arranged activities such as hot springs and mountain climbing. Warm hot springs soak in the bamboo forests of mountain peaks, breathing fresh air. On the way back, although everybody was a little tired, there were more happy smiles on their faces. The annual meeting not only released the pressure of work, but also exercised the body and relaxed the mood. I believe that in 2019, everyone in K2 Tech will devote more energy and enthusiasm to his work, and contribute all his strength to the construction of this big family together!

Ten years of hard work, take this opportunity, on behalf of all the K2 Tech, to thank the leadership of the government for their care and guidance to us! Thank you for your trust and support! Thank you all for your cooperation! Thanksgiving to everyone who has been with us for ten years, let's take the best wishes and march forward together to the time of 2019, tothe next better future, and to strive for the development and growth of K2 Tech!

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