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K2 Tech 2019 Bearing Equipment Meeting Successfully Held

On September 9, the National Symposium on the Development and Application of Bearing Technology and Equipment was officially held in Hangzhou. As a co-sponsor, Hangzhou Qogori Tech Co., Ltd. successfully held the conference.

The 2019 National Bearing Equipment Conference is sponsored by China Bearing Industry Association and co-sponsored by Hangzhou Qogori Tech Co., Ltd. More than 180 representatives of national bearing enterprises, special bearing equipment manufacturing enterprises and related enterprises gathered to attend the forum. In the special report section, K2 Tech made a brilliant speech on the application of artificial intelligence detection technology in the field of bearing.

The banquet was full of warm atmosphere, thunderous applause, frequent toasts and interlaced gatherings, showing a strong sense of friendship. During the small event held during the dinner, Zhou Yu, Secretary-General of the Central Axis Association, Jiang Wei, Chairman of Luoyang Bearing Board, and the founder of K2 Tech drew many awards on the spot, which set off many climaxes of the party.

On behalf of Qogori Technology, we would like to thank our customers for their participation and support, and the Bearing Association for giving us the opportunity to organize this conference. K2 Tech staff will dedicate to the customer’s success and adhere to technological innovation, and achieve the universal application of automation in the field of testing.

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