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CHN, Zhejiang. (Dec 10, 2019) –Aiming to help agricultural enterprise to create  intelligent machinery, K2 Tech presents Precision Farming Software Solution, which can be integrated to your system.  Our solution can provide guidance for the operation, based on the full 3D information from the sensors. It will increase precision in planting, fertilizing, spraying crops and harvesting and makes it more efficient and functional with low cost.

For example, for Kiwi harvest, firstly the camera system will catch the image of Kiwi, then the Precision Farming Software Solution will analyze and control the robot to separate the ripe fruit, which is good for profit increase, waste reduction and environment benefit. the device has been launched in 2019 Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit Forum.


Furthermore, the software can be designed to meet the multiple farming needs, such as seeds at precise depths and spacing; section control; fruit color separate: fruit shape separate, etc.


With this smart farming solution, customers and dealers are well-positioned to maximize their opportunities to be more efficient, empowering our customers to focus on what they love—farming.

About K2 TECH

Hangzhou Qogori Tech Co., Ltd. (K2 Tech) is a well-known machine vision equipment manufacturer, adhering to “Innovation changes life” and focusing on R&D of machine vision, artificial intelligence technology. With more than 60% of employees engaged in R&D center, K2 Tech enjoyed high reputation among customers all over the world.  Until now, K2 Tech has estabilished office in India and Korea. In 2017, we ranked NO.2  of Innovation & advanced manufactures in China. In 2019, our core leader is elected to be one of the leading entrepreneurs in China.

In the field of quality inspection, we dedicated ourselves to librating the human labor and making up the shortcomings of traditional visual detection, aiming to become the world leading intelligent equipment supplier.

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